Paintings are 24″ x 24″, acrylic and stain on plywood, 2010



Light With Temperature

Temperature With Light

Virtue Through Sin


Easter Parade



Lines of Fire

Light Bright

Cross Talk

Down Home


One Hand Watches The Other

Cross Walk






World Wind


4 Responses to “Paintings, 2010”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Thank you James for sharing these new paintings with me…They have calmed me down in my crazy working day today…and I appreciated being able to view them…gave me a different vision in my moment. Calm may not be your intention, but it has given me some grace. Thank you and congrats on the new work.

  2. Graham Says:

    how much for the butterfly??? nicework, that should be a new word, it is the only way to succinctly describe what James produces, I see there is a great deal of voice to these new works, they seem to be mouthing words or framing speech somehow. I always feel challenged and calmed at the same time. I feel like I should be moving closer towards them in expectation that I could hear what they were saying.

  3. Ace Pintura Says:

    Butterfly conveys smoothness using such hi-contrast, hi-impact color combo. Could it be that the raw essence of the message of the piece over-rides the visual? Purity proves its strength here…

    Earthquaker is a home run. The visual representation of the divine communion between above and below, without having a definitive source for the lines going upwards. the lines respect each other, allowing equality through the even spaces, but create a co-operating ascension with the end-dots.

    You really put your brush where your mouth is…

  4. Tom Miller Says:

    I am fixated on Extracticate. Did not at first notice the word play. I first thought of those chinese finger traps, and then it hit me that this is a representation of the sort of pressures one sees when trying to pull one thing out of another, sort of like a certain oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. And James, this seems a new direction for you, your use of such flowing curves in tension with your usual geometics. I love it. I am still thinking about the word play and have not yet figured it out.

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