~ Mystery is a veil that the naive critic is seduced by

~ Coming home to you is like coming home to a fire

~ Every sound we hear has an object that represents it nearby

~ I’m not gay, but I don’t know why

~ Our possessions are gently watching us

~ This space is shared by all the other realms we seek

~ What’s the difference between the sitting Buddha and the teepee?

~ Not having an idea gives you time to appreciate the last one

~ We study history to make the present obsolete

~ History goes without saying

~ What was perfect then is perfect now. That’s longevity

~ Mankind is God’s best friend

~ Something is most profound when it is wise and anonymous

~ The truth hides within the boring, banal and simple

~ There is much to do, but nothing to accomplish

~ Pray through your DNA

~ Pattern may be the only true man-made nature

~ Axis is access

~ Our fear of death protects death from us

~ Make the old new rather than the new new

~ The painting is not the goal

~ Colour-field is a space previously occupied by the visible world

~ The pictographic represents our most innocent expression of time

~ The only way to look at the world is artistically. The only way to look at art is metaphysically

~ Keep giving the ‘thing of beauty’ away instead of asking its question over and over

~ Identity is artifice

~ The indigenous language of the vortex is non-rational

~ God is always meditating

~ The medium is the metaphysics

~ It’s not tribal, it’s trouble

~ Thelonious Monk is the reincarnation of Hieronymus Bosch

~ Themes of dand and pack spray between oysters in commons

~ Engraved with their return from their own impassive spirits

~ The psychic life refers. to


What has longevity?
A Matisse or Van Gogh painting
What a tree does, has longevity


Stop, startlingly, stop, stoically, stop.


First we refine our language,
Then we refine our thoughts,
Then we refine ourselves out of existence


Trilogy -1
– Does nature have memory?
– The vortex has no mind


The tree of knowledge is true
The tree of life is beautiful


When we’re born we bring from there to here
When we die we bring from here to there


2 1/2
2 1/2


~ I am filling the void with the void


~ This sentence will end in the future


~ Layering the open, light-emitting heart, day and night, the conscious and unconscious, upon the unevolved, as a creative act.


~ Tell me something you don’t know


He wears his books like a cape,
So, of course, they have to be burned,
To be


~ Painting catches the light. Sculpture catches the dust ; )


~ I am about to become a great-grandson


~ One second of time now is much faster than one second of time in 1950


~ The psychedelic play of multiplicity


On the other side of the word black,
waits an angelic or spatial percept


~ The things that don’t go without saying, evolve


~ My concentration camp will never be liberated




~ A tree is a symbol of a tree




~ Pataphysically everyone exists invisibly


~Argument is a potential form of prayer


~ The depths of whatever


~ An artist who is not mystical is right wing


~ The purpose of the Asemic is to create un-knowing as a space in which knowing can prepare itself to occupy.


~ The lake by the water


~ Herbal hymns.


~  The Mind and Lives


You know where we’re going.
You just don’t know where we are


~ interesting, very


~ The border between the refinement, and insanity


~ Wait and seen


~ Outlive your desires


~ I’m the archeologist that creates his archeology


~ Beyond the doorways are the mirrors


My work is just beyond the reach of the madman



One Response to “Sayings”

  1. Eric Says:

    My favorites:

    “Not having an idea gives you time to appreciate the last one.”

    “I’m not gay, but I don’t know why.”

    “There is much to do, but nothing to accomplish.”

    Thanks again James

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